Hi, my name is Naomi. My husband and I own Ubwiza Boutique.

We started this business in July 2020 with the support of our friends and families. My sister Estel plays an important part by running our social media and contributing to our blog. My other sisters Cesia and Rashel are a big help with modeling.

My family and I are from the tiny African country of Rwanda. The word Ubwiza comes from the Rwandan language and means “beauty”. We chose the name because we wanted something unique that was unmistakably African, and at the same time held a meaning that represents our goal to inspire beauty in everything we do.

My family fled our home country of Rwanda during the 1994 genocide and came to Sioux Falls in 1998. Here, I was given the opportunity to get an education, go to college, become a teacher, and now own a business. Because of the hard work and sacrifice of my parents and the generosity of people in this country, my family and I have been able to flourish.

our vision

Right now, we have a mix of African clothing and American clothing. However, we understand that the vibrant colors and geometric patterns typical of African wear is a bit too bold for most Americans. In fact, my sisters and I rarely dress like that ourselves.

Instead, our vision for the future of Ubwiza includes a fusion of the two. We want to borrow bits of that African boldness and mix it with contemporary American style to create something new and beautiful.

In addition, we want to share our story with you. One way we will do that is through our Inspire Ubwiza blog.


We have some beautiful clothing to sell and some beautiful stories to share. But if no one buys and no one listens, our shop and our vision won’t be around for long.

Therefore, we want to get to know you, earn your trust, and earn your business.

“We believe that we need to earn your trust to earn your business.”


We offer Free Shipping on all orders over $50. Below that, we charge a low flat fee of $5.95. And, we always ship Priority Mail so most packages will be delivered within 2 days.

Meet Our Team

Naomi Blank

Hey everyone! My name is Naomi and I am the owner. Owning a fashion boutique is a dream come true. I’m so grateful for God’s timing and answered prayers.

While owning a boutique is amazing, my first passion is teaching. I love being a teacher because every day I get a chance to make a difference in a child’s life. Many children I teach are immigrants or refugees much like my younger self. When they learn of my past, I am often able to make a connection that helps them overcome the fear and doubt that goes along with being in an unfamiliar place and dealing with the confusion of traumatic events.

In much the same way, I see Ubwiza’s vision acting as a bridge between cultures. The clothes we wear may seem like a small thing, but sometimes all it takes is one small thing to spark a connection.

Estel Niyotwizera

My name is Estel, one of Naomi’s younger sisters. I am the 7th of 8 children. I create most of the Instagram and Facebook posts and also contribute to the Inspire Ubwiza blog.

Growing up, I always found myself drawn to the arts, whether it be creating music, fashion design, or writing. To me, being part of Ubwiza Boutique means to be a part of women’s empowerment. I am especially excited for the opportunity to share my thoughts and my story through the blog.

Eric Blank

My name is Eric. I am Naomi’s husband. I handle most of the geeky, behind the scenes work at Ubwiza Boutique.

Fashion by itself is not something I am overly passionate about. However, I am passionate about creating. It gets me excited to imagine the future of Ubwiza Boutique as we draw on inspiration from two different cultures to create something new and beautiful.